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The Pride Cycle

Updated: May 25, 2022

Be cautious…when we experience pride about something we do better than others, we are actually judging and comparing ourselves

When we do this we live on an emotional roller coaster…the up is feeling pride, followed by a sharp spiral down of shame, insecurity, and judgment

It is actually healthy to be proud of something you do well…it is in the comparing ourselves to others that the poison seeps in

That is why we only need to compare our efforts today to our efforts yesterday (I mean this because the shame and guilt can come if we start comparing our today selves to 5, 10, 15 years ago self too)

Stop comparing oranges to apples, they will never be the same

Here is the key to changing this cycle

It’s all about our thoughts

Because our thoughts create our feelings Our feelings drive our actions

And our actions create the results we get in life

When we live our life in a way that aligns with who we want to be, it improves our mind, body, and spirit 🥰

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