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Life Solutions

Learn at a deeper level why you do what you do, why you don't do what you want to do, how to accomplish the things you want to do, and create a life you enjoy more!

By working through these 6 Foundation Videos and Worksheets

They will teach you the tools and secrets to feeling better, having deeper connections, and reducing your stress

Why live another day feeling anything different!

Image by Milad Fakurian

Life Solutions

About the Course

Inside this self-paced 6 module course, I will show you how to create a life you can enjoy. We will strengthen your mental and emotional health, you will reduce your stress and overwhelm, and you will create deeper connecting relationships with your husband and kids. And I will give you the secret to getting all the To-Dos done!




Your Instructor

Amanda Probst


Certified Life Coach for Women, I help create more time

and energy in your day, so you can feel better and have the

deeper connections you desire

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