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Boundaries Help Us Love Others

We should just love our loved ones as they are…This sounds wonderful…But… 

The truth is, there are behaviors that we just don’t like and want others to change 

Especially our loved ones, whom we have to live with 

Sometimes we think if we are more clear and direct with our loved ones about what we want then they will magically change and start acting on our requests or opinions  

They might even say, I want to hear your opinion and what you have to say 

But this doesn’t mean that they are going to change 

One of the best ways I have learned how we can love our loved ones even when they do things we don’t like is… 

Stop resisting who they are; Stop expecting them to be different; Allow them to be who they are; Love them any way 

Now, you might be saying…

But their behavior Impacts me negatively and I don’t want to deal with it 

If that is the case then you can set a boundary for yourself 

Remember a boundary is always done in love for all parties 

Love for yourself and not dealing with a behavior that impacts you negatively 

Love for the other person and desiring for them to be able to be who they are (you don’t want people controlling you either) 

So for instance If someone does or says something you don’t like 

If they are in your home you might ask them to leave or if you are in their home you might leave or if it’s your spouse, you still might choose to leave the home 

(These actions are not done in anger) 

If you are struggling with a relationship I would love to help 

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