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The 1 Tool I Used to Save My Marriage

The 1 Tool I used to Save My Marriage… 

Our brains are naturally set to look for the negative, the wrong, the unfairness 

This is not helpful in a relationship 

So, we have to be actively counteracting this with looking for the good, the similarity, the just 

So, the number 1 thing I did was start a Gratitude Journal about my husband, everyday, for a whole year 

It was hard at first to find one good thing a day about him, but soon enough I was finding so many good things in a day 

This practice helped to show my brain I was wrong about what I thought about my husband, and if I was wrong about these things, what else was I wrong about with him… 

It helped me to become curious and put me on a path of healing and love 

Do this gratitude journal for a year and see how your mind and marriage change

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