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Your Ability to Love

You can only love someone as much as your capacity to love yourself 

Think about that for a moment 

If we tend to be critical of ourselves, we tend to be critical of others 

So, the solution to being able to love others more is learning to love ourselves more 

This doesn’t mean we become selfish and forget about others 

This means we stop criticizing or judging when we make a mistake 

This means we acknowledge and have more compassion when we get it wrong 

This means we set aside the expectations we have of others to do for us and we do for ourselves 

When we can change the way we treat ourselves, then we can change the way we treat others 

I had tried to work on this for years with little to no success 

It wasn’t until I started Life Coaching that everything came together and I got momentum behind my desire to change 

It has been life changing and marriage saving 

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