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Why Even Get Married…It’s Hard

Why do we even get married…it’s really hard 

It starts off fine, but then the day-to-day life takes over, things get busy and complicated with kids 

Before you know it, you’re constantly blaming each other for things that didn’t get done or how your partner isn’t being who you thought they would be 

Life feels stressful, overwhelming, and joyless 

It can feel pretty pointless sometimes 

Here is the problem…

Awareness of other peoples problems or how they are doing it wrong is so easy to see 

Awareness of ourselves is much more challenging, in fact it takes a great deal of effort and humility to be willing to look inside at your own problems 

But, when we do…this is where we get all of our Power and Authority and Joy back in our life 

If you are ready to make that change then 

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