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Why Are These Are Main Behaviors?

We as humans love to complicate things, but really they are quite simple 

We can break down the way we behave into 3 categories 

Mirroring: behaving in the same way as someone else… 

judging someone’s judgement; worrying about someone’s worry; excited about out someone’s excitement 

Collecting Evidence: looking for all the ways what we believe is true and then putting it into a filing cabinet in our brain to support what we believe 

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: we believe something and continually repeat it to ourselves so often that we do the actions that create the thought 

If you are struggling in one of these behaviors and creating something unwanted in your life, my favorite place to go is Curiosity or you can come and work with me and I will help you purposely create the life you want without the shame, judgement, and criticism of yourself and others 

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