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When You Are The Common Denominator

I was on the verge of another divorce 

Because it was my second marriage, there were plenty of differences from my first 

However, when I stepped back and examined the struggles in my current marriage 

I could see several similar problems I had had in my previous marriage 

That led me on a journey to look inside and see where I might be the problem and where I could change 

I wanted to blame my husband for 

his lack of help with the kids 

his selfishness 

his bad attitude 

his only desire for me was sexual gratification 

But when I stepped back, and I looked at myself 

I noticed all the ways I wasn’t taking care of myself and expecting him to do it for me 

I noticed all the ways in which I was lying to myself about everything I “had to do”, but  actually wanted to do 

I noticed I was refusing to see what he was doing for me 

He was an easy target for taking my self anger out on 

If you find that you are struggling in several relationships that is a good indication to look inside 

When we are the common denominator, it’s time to stop pointing fingers and start looking inward if we really want something different 

This is hard work and it’s not easy, but it is the best work! I can help you make that change...

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