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Two Destructive Ways We As Couples Handle Problems

Avoid These Two Destructive Ways We As Couples Handle Problems…

One: It is so much easier to point the finger and blame our spouse for a problem rather than turning the finger inward and seeing what part we play 

Recognize we all do this 

So while you are blaming your spouse, they are blaming you 

It’s totally normal and natural and easier 

BUT, if we want something different 

Growth comes when we decided to change 

Two: We think if we ignore the problem it will just go away 

Out of sight, out of mind, right?! 


In reality, it festers and grows and can destroy a relationship  

However, if we acknowledge and address the problem, typically it’s not as big of a deal as we think 

None of us are purposefully trying to hurt our relationships, but we all do it in unconscious ways 

If you feel like you are living these perpetual cycles, I can help 

My proven strategies will help you to improve your relationships and feel more love for your spouse 

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