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The Secret to Creating More Time

The Secret to Creating More Time for the things you really want… 

Get over the lies in your brain (this is tricky and a life coach is very helpful) 

Don’t believe that what has always been, will always have to be, you can change 

Be willing to sacrifice (a life coach can be helpful with this) 

You may sacrifice things that are not good and replace it with something that is good 

In other circumstances you may replace things that are good for something better 

Or you may just reduce the amount of something and increase the amount of something else 

I haven’t watched TV in almost 8 years 

I don’t regret that decision at all 

I have hours every day to work on my own personal development: mentally emotionally physically, and spiritually 

I have chosen to get up earlier than the rest of my family to do my personal development because I want it to be silent and no chance of interruption 

I don’t regret that decision at all 

I like being available for my family and their needs and knowing my needs are already met 

If you really want to create more time to achieve something 

You can start by taking an inventory of your weekly schedule 

Then analyze what and where am I willing to sacrifice for this something better 

Nothing good, better, or best comes without sacrifice 

Create more time by sacrificing time spent less wisely 

If you struggle with this I would love to help you, Come and Work with me or 

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