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Setting Goals, Even When You Know You Won’t Hit Them

Why are we afraid to set a goal just because we may not hit it 100% of the time or know we won’t for whatever reason 

If we wait until we are “ready” to be able to commit 100%, we will never make the goal and never take action 

There will always be an excuse 

Why not start the process, accept what we can give now, and let it be a goal we work towards meeting 100% of the time 

It is okay and I would say it’s even better to strive for something and not actually hit the goal or come short at times 

It’s called progress 

Think about any of these Examples: eating healthy, scripture study, daily prayer, Temple attendance, running, journaling, meditation, better sleep, drinking more water 

Our Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual health would continue to deteriorate or be stagnant if we waited to work on any of these until we could hit our goal 100% of the time 

I know it sounds cliche, but really the goal isn’t the point, because you become changed in the process and on the journey…that is the point 

Make an Impossible Goal and then start working towards it, some day it will become Possible 

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