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Putting Expectations on God

When we put expectations on God… 

How we think He should answer our prayers 

The blessings we receive for keeping commandments 

When He should answer prayers or give blessings 

The things we “should” or “shouldn’t” experience in this life 

It creates resentment, just like in any other relationship we have 

If you think God should be responding in a certain way and He isn’t, your mind and eyes and heart will be blind to the ways He is responding 

If you are doing anything in the gospel with expectation, obligation, or obedience and not from a place of Love your faith will struggle at some point 

It’s okay to start with obedience, but obedience will shift to understanding, then to testimony, and finally end in love 

We Can’t and We Don’t need to earn our Heavenly Father’s love, He just simply loves us no matter what 

Expectation and Obligation will always cause resentment because we aren’t doing things because we actually have a desire to do them and that is the goal 

To come to an understanding and love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior that we actually desire to do the things we do 

It isn’t until we do things with love in our hearts that we become more like the Savior 

Our Spiritual health is just as important to our overall health as our Mental, Emotional, and Physical health 

Many times our human thinking gets in the way 

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