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Only You Can Make Yourself Feel Loves

Your spouse isn’t there to complete you 

The point of marriage isn’t to heal you 

We have gotten this misguided information from Hollywood 

Too often we lay the burden of making ourselves feel loved at the feet of our spouse 

That simply isn’t fair 

In all honesty, most of us don’t even know how to love ourselves 

We think, if our spouse would just do these things 

Or, if our spouse would just say this 

Then we would feel loved 

But, it’s not true 

If our spouse says or does something that we appreciate 

We have a thought about them (that was so sweet or how nice or he was thinking of me) and it makes us feel love for them 

Read that again…we don’t feel loved…we feel love for them 

We can choose to have kind thoughts about our spouse whenever we want and feel love 

Now, if there is something we want said or done to us, we can always do it for ourselves 

And if we do, then we can feel that appreciation for ourselves and have those thoughts about ourselves 

Then we will feel love for ourselves 

No one can make you feel “loved” 

Love is a feeling you get to choose to feel for others and for yourself through thoughts you think about them 

I had heard many experts and spiritual leaders talk about this 

But I never really understood it 

Until I dove deep into Life Coaching and understood how the brain worked in this way 

Yes, Life Coaching can save your marriage and any other personal relationship you are struggling with 

The value of Life Coaching is priceless 

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