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My Secret To Getting More Done

Hey Mama… do you want my secret to getting more things done?

Schedule less each day; schedule self-care time each day; schedule down time each day

How will this help you get more done, you ask?

When we schedule less on our to-do list, we don’t get overwhelmed with “all that I have to do today”, which causes us to feel tired and we get less done than we had planned anyway…then we feel shame and start beating ourselves up for not getting everything done…it’s a vicious cycle!

When we schedule self-care time each day (even if it’s just 5 minutes), it’s rejuvenating and gives us more energy, which helps us get our stuff done and sometimes even give us extra energy to get more stuff done…this makes us feel proud and accomplished which flows into other aspects of our lives and carries into the next day!

When we schedule down time each day, it gives us a chance to breath…as moms we constantly feel like it’s a never ending go, go, go, which can feel exhausting…we need and deserve a break too!

I promise if you implement these 3 things into each of your days, you will notice: you are getting more done in the week, you are happier overall, and you don’t have as many negative feelings

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