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Make This Shift And Start Enjoying Motherhood Again


If we think of our role as Mothers, as a chore; it’s going to feel like one 

It will feel undesirable, boring, annoying 

If we think of our role as Mothers, as an obligation 

It will feel heavy, burdensome, forced 

When we think this way about our role as a Mother it’s disempowering and we become resentful 

But if you can make this shift you will feel empowered and love for your role as a Mother 

Recognize the fact that you chose to be a Mother and therefore you chose all these little tasks that go along with being a Mother 

It is a beautiful and sacred responsibility 

Yes, there are sleepless nights, and long days, and hard days, and a billion things that have to be done to be successful at it, BUT would you really have it any other way? 

Usually the answer is Absolutely Not 

So, we need to stop lying to ourselves and telling our brains we wish it was different 

What we typically want is “just a day away to relax” 

That shows me that you are not prioritizing yourself enough and taking care of yourself 

You are sacrificing yourself for your Motherhood and that’s not helpful 

If we want to have the energy we need to love our littles ones the way we want to then that starts with us loving ourself first 

I know all of this to be 💯 true because I used to feel that way and I have made the shift and I now never feel like I just need a day away 

I have helped many other women make this shift

And I can help you too! 

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