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Love Your Self Enough To Be Who You Really Are

Do You Love Yourself Enough To Be Who You Really Are? 

To often we mask who we truly are out of fear of what others will think of us 

This includes our spouse, our friends, our kids, and our family 

We project our thoughts of our “ugly parts” and even our “good parts” onto those around us and try to hide it out of shame or fear 

Unfortunately, this is not fair for them or for you 

We can only “pretend” for so long, as resentment grows for hiding who we are 

It can feel like deception for the other person as you begin to show your “true colors” 

Be willing to be bold and love yourself enough to be you 

Only then can you have a truly intimate relationship 

Why would you want someone in your close circle if they can’t truly love or at least accept all of you? 

If you are pretending at any level, then you aren’t truly loving yourself either 

It is only when we truly love ourselves, good, bad, and ugly, that we can truly love others too 

Because when we learn to accept all of us, we are willing to accept all of others 

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