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Is Your Auto-Pilot Working for You or Against You?

Is Your Auto-Pilot Working For You, Or Against You? 

One of the wonderful and powerful things about our brain is auto-pilot 

It memorizes our routine, and the things we do on a daily basis become auto-piloted 

This allows these tasks to take less brain power 

And it reserves brain power for the atypical things we do throughout our day 

So, if we have a set routine that helps our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health our auto-pilot is working for us 

But, if we are on auto-pilot in a routine that is not helpful to our well-being, that can make life difficult 

The good news is our brain can be reset 

It only takes a desire and effort on our part 

You may feel overwhelmed and not know where to start 

But not to worry, this is my specialty and I am here to help 

Let’s Not Just Survive, Let’s Thrive 

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