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I Had What The Experts Say We Need To Be Happy Dialed In, Yet I Was Still Mentally Struggling Until

It didn’t make sense to me 

I had these major areas of my life I was doing well in and life was pretty good  

Yet, I found I was still mentally struggling with my family relationships 

I was resentful of my husband and ready to give up on our relationship 

I was constantly frustrated with my younger kids and didn’t understand why they were so much harder than my older kids 

Non-Negotiables for Mental Health 

👉🏻 Understanding Your Mind 

👉🏻 Good Sleep Patterns

👉🏻 Healthy Eating Habits

👉🏻 Physical Routine 

👉🏻 Spiritual Practice 

If you are lacking in any of these areas, your life will be out of balance 

I know because over the last 12 years I have worked hard to refine these areas of my life and understand them well 

I have had the healthy eating, physical routine, and spiritual practice pretty dialed in for a decade 

I am still working on my sleep (I get enough, but as an athlete I need more) 

I know that getting proper sleep, eating healthy, and having any kind of physical routine helps boost your mood, increase your energy, maintain or reduced your weight, and you just feel better and stronger overall 

Connecting with Heavenly Father and having an understanding of my Divine Identity has helped me see myself in a higher and holier way and allowed me to access His power to achieve so much more in my life 

It wasn’t until these last few years when I brought in the piece of understanding my mind that everything came together 

Being able to recognize my thoughts about circumstances, my husband or the kids 

And then seeing how those thoughts were creating my emotions 

Which would then drive my actions and create my results was imperative to understand 

It helped me to understand why i do what i do 

Why others might do what they do 

And it allowed me the ability to change undesired outcomes and behaviors 

When I experienced how life changing this last piece was for me, I had to become a Certified Life Coach 

I wanted to help other women who are struggling like I was 

This piece of Understanding Our Mind isn’t something that is taught to us, and it should be 

It is the difference between struggling through life and creating a life you love and enjoy 

It is my mission and my goal to help every women thrive 

If you are struggling, I can help! 

Get my FREE 5 Step Process to Start Enjoying Your Life by clicking on the link below ⬇️ 


Join me for a FREE coaching session, it’s a powerful hour where you can experience firsthand the transformation that is possible…spots are limited…Click on the link below ⬇️ 

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