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How Would You Live Your Life Differently If You Were Meant To Feel It All

It’s normal to get frustrated with our constant frustration 

Or to become annoyed with our everlasting depression 

And exhaustion is inevitable with our constant overwhelm 

Because we dislike these emotions, but tend to experience them on a daily basis, we try to avoid them, ignore them, or push them away 

But this is harmful to our emotional and overall health 

What if I told you, you are supposed to be feeling these emotions daily and nothing has gone wrong? 

What if I told you, it was all apart of the plan and necessary for us to have the whole experience? 

How would you experience your life differently if you just accepted these emotions as normal and stopped trying to resist them? 

Sometimes it takes a day and sometimes it takes months to understand why you are feeling a certain emotion 

But as we learn how to accept and process our emotions we can let it go and move into a different phase 

Life coaching can help with this 

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