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How Do I Fix It?

“How Do I Fix It?” 

This is the question every client asks once they becomes aware of the “problem” that is happening or the part they play in regards to the “problem” 

Each situation is unique and has its own needs 

But all situations take time, patience, and effort 

This seems to be the biggest struggle 

We want there to be a “quick fix” to everything and it’s simply not the case 

Think about how long it took you to get to this point 

The length of the “fix” will be proportional to your effort 

If you are only willing to put in a couple weeks 

That is probably how long the “fix” will last 

Once we recognize a “problem” we need to be willing to make a life-style change 

It’s a “forever” change, not a certain period of time or certain amount of actions 

Any “fix” that will be a long-lasting benefit takes time, patience, and continual effort 

This goes for relationships, health journeys, spirituality, new skills, anything…be willing to put in the effort, it’s worth it 

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