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Helpful Daily Perspective Shifts

These two perspective shifts help me on almost a daily basis and I want to share them with you 

Whenever I am a feeling weighed down or burden by one particular thing in my life, I have come to recognize that it is because I am hyper-focusing on it 

What has helped me shift that perspective is taking a wider, more expansive view of things that matter more and that things will work out in the end 

I may not know how, but I let go of that worry and show myself all the past evidence that it is true, that it will work out 

On the other hand, when I recognize that I am feeling weighed down and burdened by “all” the things happening in my life 

What has been helpful is to shift my perspective to a more granular level and just focus on the One thing I am doing right now 

This allows me to release that stress and worry and focus 

Life Happens, but we can choose to be intentional about how we react to it 

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