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Expectations Are Hard To Let Go Of, And Our Biggest Cause of Pain

Expectations are one of the hardest things to let go of 

We all have a vision for what our life will look like 

The type of person we will marry, the children we will raise 

The job we have, and the impact we will make on the world 

Unfortunately, most people’s lives don’t turn out as they expected (in one way or another) 

And resistance to this reality is one of the leading causes to our pain and suffering 

I know, it’s easier to complain and say “it’s just not fair” and “why did this happen to me” 

I’ve been there and done that 

I said this when my father committed suicide; when I was sexually assaulted; when my husband asked for a divorce, and when I faced financial ruin because of the greedy big banks 

And it’s totally okay to go there for a moment, but we can’t live there 

Because there is no growth; there is no understanding; there is no knowledge gained 

We must move from the Victim to the Valor 

It wasn’t until I found healing in Jesus Christ and mindset growth with personal development that I was able to make these changes 

They literally and figuratively saved my life 

If you are feeling stuck or lost, or at the end, or just don’t know how to move forward 

I want you to know that there is hope, there is healing, there is life, and there is joy available to you

Just as I have experienced these life changing tools and helped other women to do so, I want to help you too…

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