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Comparison is the Thief of Appreciation

Comparison is the Thief of Appreciation

I have four kids

I have a story about them that goes like this…

My two older kids are so much easier to raise

They listen and obey

They are mature beyond their years

They are respectful

Then my two younger kids came along

They have tested and tried me

They are disrespectful and don’t listen

They are disobedient

While my brain likes to tell me the older ones are easier and the younger ones are harder, the truth is it’s all a lie

The truth is I have beliefs about how a child should and should not act, and because one doesn’t align with the other my brain says it’s hard

The only hard is me refusing to accept reality and look for and appreciate what each child offers me individually instead of Comparing them against one another

All of them have helped me grow in ways I needed

Being able to see my younger children as a blessing has been my work

Luckily, Life coaching has helped in this regard dramatically

But it’s still a daily struggle and constant work for me to get my human brain to shift from “the easier complaining” about how hard they are; to “the harder” seeing how they are a blessing

They have all shaped me and molded me in their own ways to become more Christlike

For each I am grateful

I love how the Gospel of Jesus Christ aligns with my knowledge of Life Coaching and that we have the power to choose our thoughts

It is not simply our circumstances, but how we choose to think about our circumstances

We should choose wisely because those thoughts create how we feel about the circumstance

Our feelings drive our actions towards the circumstance

And our actions create what happens in our life about the circumstance

If you want to see how more fully you can bring the Gospel into your intentional thinking and parenting through Life Coaching

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