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Your Worth

“Worthy” is used in many different ways

I think more often than not it is misused though

We tend to judge our “worth” based on the actions we do, and this is definitely wrong

Looking at the definition it can be used as a noun or an adjective

As a noun it states that a person, place, or thing is notable or important…I believe this definition should never be used in regards to any living thing…In my eyes anything that has life, is 100% worthy

Now, another person can be worthy to do something or go somewhere that another person can’t, but this isn’t because the other person is “better” it is because they have done whatever is necessary to complete specific objectives to be Eligible to go and do that specific thing…

For example:

Astronauts, not everyone is worthy to travel to space

Surgeon, not everyone is worthy to operate on other people

STOP defining your worth, it simply just IS 100%

Especially if you are in my faith, we talk a lot about being “worthy” to attend the Temple…this definitely refers to the adjective form of the word

If you can go to the Temple it isn’t because you are better

If you can’t attend the Temple, it’s only because you haven’t completed the necessary steps to be Eligible to go yet

Both people are 100% Worthy

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