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Your Thoughts Are The Problem

You think the kids fighting is what causes your frustration

You think the kids not listening is what causes you to yell at them

You think your husbands lack of help is why your unhappy in your marriage

You think you feel overwhelmed because there is so much to do

You think you can’t enjoy life until everything changes

I promise your wrong

It’s more along the lines of you thinking…

“Why do they have to fight all the time?!” (aka They shouldn’t fight)

“Why can’t they just listen or do as they are told?!” (aka They should listen to me; They don’t respect me)

“He doesn’t love me” (aka If he loved me he would …….)

“I have so much to do and not enough time or help”

“If they would just do “this” instead of “this” then I would be happier”

Your feelings have nothing to do with what is happening, but everything to do with what you are thinking!

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