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You Don’t Have to Wait for Your Partner to Change to be Happy

You don’t have to wait for your partner to change to be happy 

So many of us believe that unless our partner is happy, we can’t be happy 

So, we do this thing called “mirroring” 

If our partner is grumpy, we feel like we need to be grumpy too in order to show love or support for them…like we are on the same team 


We think they shouldn’t be grumpy, so we become grumpy about their grumpiness and now we are all grumpy 

It’s so funny and fascinating 

Why do we do this? 

Can’t we all just have our own feelings and allow each other to be who we are? 

Did you know it is completely possible and okay for your partner to be unhappy and for you to be completely happy? 

I promise the world won’t end 

And it’s even possible that if you choose to be happy anyway that your partner might decide to “mirror” you and choose to be happy 

Because we are all human and do these funny things 

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