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When The Doctor Told Me…

It wasn’t until I went and saw the doctor that I decided to make a change 

I was a single mom with 2 little kids 

I was barely scraping by financially 

I had the weight of the world on my shoulders 

And now there was physical proof of the toll it was taking 

Something had to change… 

I started doing de-stressing yoga, after the kids were in bed and just before I went to bed 

It was only 10 minutes, but that is all I had 

That was all I could manage

That was all that I needed 

And it worked for a few years, until things changed and I could dedicate more time to taking care of myself 

It was hard to get started 

It was hard to keep going

But, because I did 

I showed myself, I can be consistent 

I do have time 

I am capable 

I look back to that time so often for strength on my journey 

We are capable…You Are Capable! 

Have compassion for yourself, meet you where you are 

That means don’t place unrealistic expectations on yourself 

And just be grateful for what you can do 

This will build momentum and motivation 

Keep going Mama, You Have Got This!

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