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The Many Hats We Wear Are Overwhelming

It seemed like a necessary thing as a woman, to be a martyr, and talk about all the “hats” you wear  

I was a wife; a mother of 4 kids; a professional; a student; an active community member; a friend; a sister; a daughter; a teacher; a leader; and on and on and on 

But looking at all the different roles I played was overwhelming and I was constantly thinking “there isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done” 

It felt heavy 

I was constantly saying…”Where do I even start?“

And because I felt overwhelmed and thought I didn’t have enough time or know where to start…

I didn’t start anything 

I kept living in a perpetual state of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and reacting to my day 

Instead of starting somewhere, anywhere and becoming proactive about my day 

Through my journey I have learned how to overcome overwhelm 

  1. Stop Looking at the Big Picture or “All the Hats You Wear” — when we look at everything it seems SO Big…we need to get granular…I am just Amanda, and there are things I do throughout my day…this makes it so much smaller and more simple 

  2. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule — I know it seems like wasting time you could be working on something to put together a schedule; BUT a schedule will bring you peace of mind (because everything you need to do is on the schedule, so you won’t forget it), it will save you time (because you won’t waste time wondering/worrying what you should be doing, your schedule knows), it will keep you on track (because you will have alarms in your phone set), and it will relieve your overwhelm (because you will see there is plenty of time to get it all done (if you don’t try and schedule everything in one day)) 

  3. Then question your thoughts — do you really have to do any of it? No, you could choose not to do any of it, that is an option…but if you don’t like that option, then that means you are choosing to do ALL of it—OWN THAT…when you can understand this, you gain SO much power over it 

The hardest part is getting started, but I promise, your life will feel so much lighter once you do 

If you need help, I am here 

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