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Letting Go, Meant Loving More

When I finally let go of all the expectations of them, that’s when I found true love for them 

I had so many expectations of my husband: 

He should talk to the kids like this …. 

He should show his love for me in this way …. 

He should help me …. 

And SO Many More 

I had so many expectations of my younger kids: 

They should listen and obey, the first time! 

They shouldn’t argue all the time 

They should be more like my older kids 

And SO Many More 

I had expectations of my parents, my friends, my co-workers, and especially other drivers on the road 😂 

Me letting go of the expectations allowed me to go from being frustrated all the time to more love for them and me 

How could that be, you might ask…

Instead of believing my husband had to show me love in a certain way, I finally opened up to all the ways he was already showing his love for me and accepted it instead of rejecting it 

I realized how painful the expectation of believing my younger kids should be more like my older kids was for them and for me…Instead I opened up to who they were and what more I could learn from them 

Letting go of expectations allows me to love people as they are and love me for the way I then show up 

It means my expectations no longer get to control my emotions or my day 

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