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Laying in Bed, Exhausted and Dreading Tomorrow?

I would sit in bed, exhausted and dreading the next day; yet unwilling to sleep because i just wanted a moment of peace and quiet while everyone else was sleeping 

I knew staying up late only caused me to be more tired the next day, but it was the only time someone wasn’t saying my name or hanging off of me or needing something 

This was my quiet, sacred time 

But was it really?!?! 

What was I doing with that time? What are you doing with that time? 

Are you working towards a goal you really want to achieve? 

Are you doing something that feeds your mind, body, or spirit? 

Probably not…if you are like me, you are watching mindless tv, eating crappy food, scrolling social media, or online shopping for stuff you don’t need…anything to numb the mind and stress away 

I know you want to break this cycle SO bad, but don’t know how or don’t believe it’s possible 

You are stuck 

But you don’t have to be 

There is a way out

There is another option 

There is light at the end of the tunnel 

And I know the way 

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