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I Lost Control

We can’t seem to control it in the moment 

Our response to specific situations are so exaggerated to what they should be 

Sometimes we can see in the moment that our reaction is uncalled for, but we don’t know how to stop ourselves 

Other times, it’s not until the intense emotion has subsided that we can see how our response was uncalled for 

But, if we have experienced trauma in the past 

Our brain has memorized our response system 

So even if it’s not the same situation 

Our body will trigger into the same old pattern 

This is normal, There is nothing wrong with you 

It’s so subtle and unconscious 

And we don’t relate the past trauma to the current situation 

But, we can also change our reactions once we become aware of what’s happening 

For instance, I came to be aware of this trigger response in myself:

I was resisting clients in my new business 

I was almost having panic attacks every time a new client would sign up 

After using my discovery tools as a coach, I was able to uncover the reason 

In my previous business, I was a workaholic, not by choice, but because of the nature of the job 

I always felt I had no control over my schedule 

I was constantly in a state of stress and overwhelm 

I was literally working ever spare second I had 

So my brain, doing what brains do (which is protecting by using fight or flight) 

Was trying to warn me and keep me safe 

Even though the client had signed up at a designated time I had allotted to my schedule 

So I was in complete control 

It was trying to tell me this is unsafe and we are going to lose control of our schedule again with each new client 

Once I became aware of what was happening and why I was freaking out every time a new client signed up 

I was able to ease my mind by reminding myself, I am in complete control 

I won’t allow myself to become too busy, overworked, or out of control 

With each new client I become excited now instead of terrified 

If you feel like you constantly overreact to small situations or think unreasonable thoughts about situations 

I can help you get awareness around it and work through it 

Join me for a free coaching session…spots are limited so don’t wait…Click on the link below  


Get my FREE 5 Step Process to Start Loving Your Life 

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