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For Your Brain’s Sake…Choose Your Hard on Purpose

For Your Brains sake…Choose the Hard on Purpose 

What do I mean? 

When you find yourself stuck trying to make a decision between options 

You have wrote out all your pros and cons lists 

And you just can’t seem to figure out what’s the best option 

Or you’re afraid you are going to make the wrong choice 

So you are stuck and sitting in indecision 

Might I suggest…Choose Your Hard on Purpose 

Stop looking at the “good” parts and make your decision based on which “hard” you want to do 

It’s going to be hard either way 

One is not better than the other 

Making more lists isn’t going to solve the problem 

Asking more people for their opinion will only confuse you more 

When You Choose Your Hard on Purpose 

And you are into your decision 

And the hard comes up 

And your brain wants to tell you, you made the wrong choice, this is too hard 

You can calm your brain down and remind it…No, I didn’t make the wrong choice 

Nothing has gone wrong here 

I choose This Hard on Purpose! 

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