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Don’t Let Your Goal Be Your Driving Force

Don’t Let Your Goal Be Your Driving Force 

Working toward long-term or big goals can feel burdensome 

We allow worrisome thoughts about failure to fill our mind 

We start to dread or hate the mundane tasks required to achieve our goals  

It feels like we have to force ourselves, almost drag ourselves out of bed, to keep going 

They weigh us down and feel heavy 

And it’s because we use the end result as our driving force 

Thinking about the end result in the beginning can be exciting and help to motivate us 

But it isn’t sustainable It won’t get you through the long, hard work 

Because it’s so far away 

You have to have something in the Now to keep going 

I know a much easier, lighter way to achieve anything you want 

You Can Accomplish your goals without the exhaustion, burnout, heaviness, or pressure 

My Secret To Accomplishing Anything… Purposefully choosing emotions to fuel my actions  

What do I mean by that? 

How we feel, drives the actions we take  

If we are feeling worried, pressure, or dread we will not want to do what we need to do 

We may be able to force ourselves because we really want that goal, but it takes all the joy and fun out of it

We can even become resentful of it 

Some of my favorite emotions to use are: Commitment, Determination, Fun, and Ease 

Learn to use your Emotions to Accomplish Your Goals 

Learn to use your Emotions to Empower You 

Learn to use your Emotions to Fuel Your Life  

I can teach you how 

Join me for a free coaching session…spots are limited, so don’t wait…Click on the link below  


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