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Do You Stay Busy To Avoid Your Pain?

Have you ever noticed that you constantly keep yourself busy 

You are always worn out and feel overwhelmed, but can’t seem to let yourself relax 

In some ways you are proud of how busy you are and how much you get done 

In other ways you are secretly resentful and wish you could relax like everyone else 

Have you ever wondered why? 

Most likely, you are trying to avoid something 

If you are anything like me, it was a way to avoid the pain in my life 

It wasn’t until I found Life Coaching that I became aware of this 

I just thought I liked to stay busy, and didn’t want to be lazy like other people 

It’s not like I had been through a recent trauma, like a death of a loved one or anything like that 

I didn’t have an obvious “hard-thing” that I would be avoiding 

It took time for me to examine what was going on in my life to figure out what I was avoiding 

And once I did, that is when everything changed 

When you finally stop going, going, going trying to out-run your internal pain that is when the exhaustion and overwhelm will stop 

Because that is when the avoidance stops and the healing begins 

The only way to overcome these heavy emotions is to process the underlying pain that is being avoided 

There is nothing wrong with being busy 

I am still a very busy person 

It just depends on the energy you are coming from 

When we come from a place of fear or avoidance that overwhelm and exhaustion are added on top of the pain because you can’t outwork and emotion 

But when we come from a place of joy, or curiosity, or excitement to see what we are capable of that’s when the fun begins 

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