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Consistency Is Easy

Three Ways To Become Consistent 

  1. Find Something You Enjoy 

  2. Find A Time of Day That Actually Works 

  3. Start Small and Build On It 

Consistency really is the key, but it seems so hard to obtain 

Until you have it, then it’s Easy! 

The secret to My consistency is finding a time when things just don’t “come up” or “happen” and get in the way of my wants and desires 

So, I choose to get up between 4am and 5am everyday to take care of my needs 

They are my highest priority 

I have learned for myself that if I am not taken care of, I can’t really care for others 

Be willing to try new things until you find something you enjoy 

It will be really hard to create consistency if you are doing something you don’t enjoy because you will have all the excuses in the world not to do it 

Don’t make things harder than they have to be 

Don’t make it a huge thing when you start 

If you are unrealistic in your expectations it will become too much and you will give up 

Start with 10 to 30 minutes in the beginning until that becomes easy and then add on from there if needed 

I started by just getting up 30 minutes before my kids, so I could get ready for the day in peace 

Then when I was really good at that, I started getting up an hour early, so I could get in some yoga and get ready before they were awake 

Then it turned into 90 minutes so I could do scripture study, yoga, and get ready 

Then 2 hours, for scripture study, yoga, and walking 

Now I consistently get up 3 hours before anyone else, so I can get all my needs met before anyone else is even awake 

I am ready to take on the day and give to my family and my community 

This transition was over a 7 year period 

Things don’t just happen overnight 

Be Realistic with Your Expectations 

Be Intentional about the Time of Day 

Be Joyful in what You are Creating 

Be Patient with Yourself 

You Can Do This! 

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