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Which Discomfort Do You Live In?

Which Discomfort Do You Live In?

The discomfort of doing things you really don’t want to; for fear of making people unhappy or wanting people to like you 


The discomfort of having the ability to say no, and have other people be unhappy with your decision

They both cause the same feeling in our body 

So, does it really matter which option we choose? 

I would answer with an emphatic Yes! 

When we do things out of fear or pleasing others it causes an extra layer of negative emotions with Resentment, which will build over time 

Of course, It’s totally fine to do things you don’t want to sometimes 

Or maybe we even “want to”, but there is a small part that doesn’t want too 

As long as we consciously know we are doing it at our own discomfort 

That additional layer of resentment won’t show up 

It becomes a problem when this is our everyday response 

It’s exhausting and frustrating when we live in the discomfort of pleasing others 

If this sounds like you, Let me help you learn to support your own decisions and build confidence in you 

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