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What Is Your Special?

Running is my special sport…it’s all about personal development…

Over the last year my goal has been to run slower and easier on my easy days and build my weekly Mileage from 20 to 30 miles without injury

As funny as it may sound, it has felt SO hard to run slower for many different reasons

This year has felt like it took forever to build on an additional 10 miles a week

This morning on my run, I felt so much gratitude as I contemplated:

how strong I feel

how slow runs aren’t hard anymore

how I have built my mileage to 35 miles a week without injury

Running blesses me: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually

The best thing about it all, every lesson I learn from running; I take into every other aspect of my life

What is your special “sport”?

If you don’t have one (something that challenges you, helps you to grow, brings joy) you are missing out on a key aspect of life

If you are struggling with yours, need a little motivation, accountability, or new perspective my Life Coaching Program will help

As a wife, mother of 4, athlete, CEO, homeschool teacher and disciple of Christ; I have mastered the skills of: Consistency; Perseverance; Organization; and Time Management

This has allowed me the ability to create the Time and Energy I want; as well as, create a Life I Enjoy rather than endure

I can do the same for you; wherever you’re at in your journey; wherever you want to go, I will help get you there

Get my FREE 5 Step Process to Start Loving Your Life

Click on the link below to purchase my self-paced 5 module course with worksheets that will help you learn to Make Your Brain Work For You

Click on the link below and request your Free Consult so we can discuss how I can help you create a life you love on purpose

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