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Someone Finally Put It Into Words

Oh My Gosh…YES!!! 

Someone finally put this into words for me 

Over the last few years, I have struggled with, but had it on the tip of my tongue, and wondered why… 

Why is it so much easier and Why am I willing to put myself through Physical, Mental, and Emotional pain and struggle to run 26.2 miles, eat healthy, wake-up early, be consistent, all the things and yet building a business (for enjoyment and the ability to help impact others lives for good) is SO MUCh HARDER!!! 

Here is why… 

A personal goal is completely dependent upon me; so it brings me more happiness and peacerelative to the pain 

Compared to, a goal that is dependent upon other people; brings way more anxiety and frustration relative to the joy in the beginning as you build 

So the question then becomes…How can we make a goal that does require others participation more about us, so we can have greater peace and happiness with it? 

We make it about the personal growth with things we are learning and doing each day inside of that bigger goal

Internal pursuit vs external pursuit 

Thank you Mark Butler, You are Welcome Everyone else struggling in this 

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