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Open Your Mind To What You Want

Are You Still Struggling To figure out What You Want to Work on This Year?

Here is a Strategy to Open Up Your Brain: 

Make a list of 25 things you want…big, small, logical, irrational, hidden desires, crazy ideas, etc. 

Choose 5 then sit and write for 5 minutes about each one on Why You Want Them 

Choose One 

And go to work… 

Make a plan 

Schedule it 

Plan for the obstacles 

Plan strategies to overcome the obstacles 

Make It Happen 

Get my 5 Step Process to Start Loving Your Life 

Click on the link below to purchase my self-paced 5 module course with worksheets. 

Click on the link below and request your Free Consult so we can discuss how I can help you create a life you love on purpose 

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