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My Frustration Compounded

When we acknowledged our own emotions, it is so impactful for us 

What does that look like… 

I have been working on a long-term goal  Things haven’t been going as I had hoped 

I am feeling a lot of frustration 

But because I am a coach, I knew it was my thoughts causing the frustration 

I kept trying to brush it away and just keep pushing through 

But as I have been brushing it away over the last month 

My frustration has compounded 

Not only am I frustrated things aren’t going the way I had hoped 

I am frustrated about my frustration 

As soon as I realized what I was doing to myself 

I finally admitted out loud and acknowledged I was frustrated and why I was frustrated, and my body released it 

It released so easily because I just needed to be heard 

I needed to be validated 

Not brushed to the side or pushed away and ignored 

And as soon as I did that for myself, I felt so much love 

The tension released and my mind opened 

No one else could have done that for me 

Is my frustration 100% gone…No 

My situation hasn’t changed

But the frustration no longer has control of me 

With my awareness of how I have been ignoring myself and my needs 

I will no longer brush that frustration aside as it continues to come up through this project 

It will just come along with me and I will continue to process it each time 

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