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Let Your Loved One Have Their Own Experience

Too often, we moms take on the emotions of our children or husband thinking this shows how much we love them

We allow our days and happiness to be dictated by their moods, why?! I mean…I know why…we love them, we want them to be happy, we hurt when they hurt, but did you know we can do that without mimicking them? You don’t have to be depressed because they are… You don’t have to be anxiety-ridden because they are… You don’t have to be angry or lose your temper because they do… in fact, doing this will cause you to show up in an unhelpful way If we want to help, our child or husband or anyone else, then we need to show up with a clear mind

Thoughts like:

“I am just so worried about my kid” or

“My husband is just so unhappy” or

“I am sad they aren’t themselves anymore”

Will keep you spinning in their emotion

More Useful Thoughts Are:

“What’s going on that is causing this situation?”

“How could I be helpful in this situation?”

“It makes sense they would feel this way”

Let’s start allowing our loved ones to have their own experience and their own emotions, and let’s start being the support we actually want to be

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