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Let's Talk Possibility

Let’s Talk About What Is Possible

Our brains are so good at looking for what we can’t do

We have to counteract this default behavior

We do this by giving as much, if not more, air time to what Is Possible

Your brain will want to fight you at first

It won’t be able to come up with anything because it is flooded with all the impossibilities

But the more you push it and look for what is possible, the easier it will become

Now, we might have some real limitations

Either physically, mentally, emotionally, or perhaps time

But, I am telling you…

It does no good focusing on those limitations

You can give yourself compassion and understanding for not being able to do something in a specific way because of a limitation

But don’t allow yourself to say that something is impossible because of it

You can figure it out

if you stop shutting down your brain by telling it, it’s impossible

It Is Possible!

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