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It Won’t Be Good Enough For Them

They aren’t going to see the changes 

The changes won’t be good enough for them 

And that’s okay 

The changes aren’t for them 

The changes are for you 

I know that makes you frustrated 

That’s why you are still unhappy 

We do this so often in relationships we are struggling with 

We know we have our part to play in the conflict 

So we determine to make a change 

But, we are making that change with the secret agenda that it will cause the other person to change also or that they will notice the changes you are making and acknowledge them with gratitude 

Until you make the changes for your benefit and not someone else’s, you will stay stuck in anger and frustration 

When we make changes for us: 

we let go of the expectation of the other person and allow them to just be them; annoying habits and all 

we don’t need their validation because we are too busy congratulating ourselves on how we handled the situation 

Make the changes for you and watch how quickly you feel better 

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