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Is This Really What It’s Supposed To Be Like?

I know, I totally get it, it’s 8am and you are already done 

You can’t wait until the day is over so you can crawl back into bed 

Your mind is racing with all the to-dos you have no time for 

Your body feels tight from the constant worry and overwhelm 

You feel exhausted by life and wonder, is this really what it’s supposed to be like? 

NO, No it’s not at all what it’s supposed to be like 

Life is meant to have Joy 

Life is meant to have Purpose

Life is meant to Enjoy 

It’s so easy to get in a rut and miss the good things each day 

Our brains natural tendency is to look for the negative (it’s a protection thing, so don’t be mad at it) 

Just be aware that means we have to put in work to overcome 

One of my favorite practices for doing this is keeping a written list 

If I am feeling ungrateful for or frustrated with something specific: my husband, a kid, job, car, clothes, whatever it is… 

I start keeping a written list in my notes section on my phone of what made me grateful for that thing that day 

I put it on my schedule and set an alarm in my phone for at least 30 days to make sure I write something every day 

It’s like magic every time 

My Gratitude and Love and Appreciation grow exponentially for all things 

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