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Horizontal Growth vs Vertical Growth

Horizontal Growth vs Vertical Growth

Ryan Gottfredson, who has a PhD in Organizational Behavior and is a cutting edge author in Leadership Development spoke about this on a podcast I listened to the other day and it spoke to me Horizontal growth is a good thing This type of growth is when we add skills and knowledge that helps us improve in things we already know It helps us improve independent thinking, efficiency and effectiveness Vertical growth is more expansive This type of growth is when we come to an enlightenment in our thinking, reacting, and expectations It helps us have more compassion and love for ourself and others Vertical growth falls in line with coaching and spirituality Professor Gottfredson explains human thinking in 3 levels: Mind 1.0: Focused on our comfort, safety, and belonging. Self-protective. Dependent thinkers, exchanging power and independence for these needs. (What I refer to as our default brain) Mind 2.0: Focused on being seen, advanced, and getting ahead. Independent thinkers, in self-reward mode. (I think with coaching and spiritually we skip this mindset for the most part) Mind 3.0: Focused on contributing and adding value, externally focused on lifting and elevating others. Interdependent thinkers, able to see from different perspectives and sit with complexity. Only 1% of adults get to this place. (What I refer to as our own awareness and purposeful thinking and creating) Let me help you grow vertically Click on the link below and request your Free Consult so we can discuss how I can help you change your life Get my 5 Step Process to Start Loving Your Life

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