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30 Minutes Was The Best Gift Of My Life

The Gift of Giving to Yourself, is really a Gift for the Whole Family I used to think “I need to sleep until the kids get up” I was a single mom Doing all the things And I would be up until 1am I was exhausted I needed my rest! However… I would wake up so grouchy! Not because I didn’t get enough sleep But because as soon as I woke up, I was bombarded with the kids and all their needs I felt so rushed, getting the kids off to school and me to work

There was No time to think

No time to enjoy

No time to have patience

It was Go, Go, Go

And that was my life ALL Day, every day

I HATED that feeling!!

I had created a routine that was so painful

I was finally ready to change

I decided I was going to start getting up 30 minutes earlier

I wanted some quiet time

I wanted me time

I wanted to be mentally ready for the kids

It was only 30 minutes, but the Gift of that 30 minutes to myself changed our lives

Over the last 12 years, I have continued that journey of life improvement

I have created a life I run to, not from

I can show you how…

Click on the link below and request your Free Consult so we can discuss how you can start managing your brain, and create a life you love Get my 5 Step Process to Start Loving Your Life

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