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You Are Living From a Lower Mentality

If you are living your life from an “I Should” viewpoint or an “obedient” standpoint you are living your life from a low mentality 

Both of these types of these lifestyles require not much thought 

You follow along with society or others you look to blindly 

You aren’t critically thinking 

They allow you to to blame others when things go wrong 

Whether this is in your personal life, professional life, or spiritual life 

God gave you agency for a reason 

So you can come to know good from evil by your own experiences 

It’s time to use your higher brain and think on a different level 

If you can reframe your mindset, you will reframe your life 

Look for ways that “you get to” or “I want to” 

My favorites are “I know” or “I am” 

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