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There is Nothing Wrong With You

Just a friendly reminder that there’s nothing wrong with you when your brain chooses the easy over the hard 

That is literally how our brain was designed—to seek pleasure and avoid pain 

So, of course, anything easy is going to be more appealing, then something that seems hard 

Don’t beat yourself up, just become aware and know you might have to trick your brain 

For instance, tell yourself… 

I am just going on a 5 min. walk, but it turns into 30 minutes 

I am just going to do some easy yoga, but it turns into a workout 

I am just going to lift weights for 10 min. but it turns into 20 or 30 

I am just going to jog on the treadmill for 30 min but it turns into a HIIT workout 

Most often we just need a little push to get going and then it feels good, our endorphins release, and we show ourselves we are capable of and want more than the minimum 

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