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Should vs Want

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity

Amelia Earhart 

Most people want to jump straight to the action without giving any time to their thoughts and feelings 

This is why the actions we take end up being temporary 

We think our actions will cause us to think and feel a certain way, but it doesn’t work that way 

We must first be thinking a thought we believe that creates a feeling inside of us that causes us to act 

For example, we all know that healthy eating habits and exercise makes us feel better 

However, if we haven’t been doing these things, but we want to start, and without any conscious thought we just buy a bunch of salad or new exercise clothes 

Our unconscious thoughts are probably something like “I should be eating better”; “I need to start exercising” 

These thoughts are going to create a feeling of shame or guilt 

When we are feeling shame or guilt, we don’t show up the way we want, we tend to hide 

On the other hand, if we consciously think about what we want and why; it’s easier to creat those feelings that will drive us to the actions we want to take 

From an intentional place we will be thinking something more like “I want to feel stronger”; “I don’t want to feel sick and bloated any more”; “I want to be able to play with my kids more” 

Thoughts like these are likely to create feelings of desire, commitment, or determination 

These feelings will help drive your actions of making better eating habits and actually getting you to exercise 

Notice the difference in words used: want vs need/should 

It’s so subtle, but it makes all the difference because it’s coming from a different energy

We are coming from a place of love for ourselves 

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