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It’s so important to remember along our journey, to stop and celebrate our progress, and enjoy the views of the hard climbs 

I went and ran my favorite trail run today 

It’s beautiful to see the Fall colors slowly coming alive 

As I climbed the steepest part of the mountain, that led to the best views, I passed another runner

As I got to the top, I stopped to enjoy the beauty and the fruits of my hard labor 

I had also stopped along the trail to enjoy the colors of the leaves changing, other beautiful views, and the sun beginning to peak 

As I stood up the top of the mountain, taking in the view, this other runner made it to the top, and without even taking a moment she continued on 

How often do we do this in our everyday life? 

I have no judgment for this lady, nor do I know what was going on for her or what her goal for her run today was 

But I do know, the mountains that are placed in our lives, whether by our choice or other’s choices, are meant for our growth and for our joy 

If we don’t take the time to celebrate our progress or enjoy the views at the top, what’s the point? 

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